Best of 2020

Someone asked me what was the best thing from the last year and I had hard time to think of one. Now maybe after day or two I can share some of the good memories (pictures) that will surely stay as a beautiful memory after all.

As I am the biggest fan of pizza I can start this with picture of the most beautiful pizza of this year.

Thankfully this year we had a short break from all this pandemic situation, so we could escape for a moment, of course that short trip was in my own country. As the borders were closed, we could enjoy (me and my friends) at the northern side of one small but wonderful country. How that trip looked like I’ll present with some of the pictures and short texts.

I thought that I’ll spend the whole year sitting like this but fortunately I also spent some time standing

This picture was taken in one of the most beautiful places that I’ve visited, it’s called Palić. I could describe that place as a huge colorful park that is made only and just only for relaxation and meditation. That small city is made for both family’s and teenager’s vacations. Literally I’ve never seen such a perfect and yet small place, where you could enjoy and feel like there’s no tomorrow. If you feel tired, exhausted and overwhelmed, this place is made for you.

The architecture man.

Let me first tell you about architecture…

The first thing that attracted me to this city was the style and well known architecture. Maybe for people that love minimalistic style this looks like “to much” but believe me, as I love minimalism, I couldn’t stay indifferent when I saw it in person. It’s the most grandiose building that I could only see in some books. I could feel the smell of the old times and I could see the all the hard working people who tried to make details and put some life in it.

Outdoor ballroom

Even though I’m not one of the most romantic people on earth, but I swear when I stood there I felt like I’m in Jane Austen’s novel. Just imagine, girls in their fancy dresses and boys in their suits, all exited waiting for the music to start so they could dance and flirt in that old fashioned way.

You could feel romantic wherever you are

Did I mention that there is a huge lake and you could walk around it for hours and never get bored?

Again outdoor ballroom

Okay I think I got way out of hand with these romantic pictures, and I just realized maybe that’s what I liked the most about this trip.

That’s the post office

Yes. That’s right, that’s a post office. I couldn’t believe it too. So when someone asks me what I will remember as the most shocking and the most beautiful thing, it would be this POST OFFICE.

The end.

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